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Trans Canada Traffic is pleased to be able to provide you the best range of modular rubber solutions availabe.

CycleLane is a smart, safe solution that provides a visual separation between vehicle and bicycle lanes. It is designed to define traffic spaces and protect the safety of bicyclists. Ideal for use anywhere with bicycle traffic, the lane delineators keep vehicle and bike traffic in their respective lanes. The innovative sloped profile prevents vehicles from entering the bike lane, ensuring that vehicles cannot enter the bike lane while bicyclists who hit the delineators are safely guided back into the bike lane.

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Alert Drivers Easy Sign Management
Precise Traffic Guidance Unique Sloped Profile Environmentally Friendly Cost Effective

CycleLane offers effective separation to delineate between car, bus, and bicycle lanes.

The two-sided profile on the CycleLane units is designed to keep bicyclists safe while preventing vehicles from entering the bike lane

Made of 100% recycled rubber, Traffic Logix speed humps are an eco-conscious way to protect your streets. Grants are often available to municipalities who are buying recycled products.

Rubber speed humps are long-lasting and removable for years of continuous use. Other solutions often require costly replacements while the Traffic Logix hump units can simply be removed and reinstalled as necessary.

Highly Visible Driver Acceptance Simple Installation Removeable

With white highway tape embedded into each unit, the CycleLane bike lane units are highly visible, even at night or in poor lighting conditions

Prefabricated units offer consistency at all locations, an important factor for motorist acceptance and ease of use. Unlike concrete and asphalt, rubber units maintain their shape over time and do not contract with heat or vehicle pressure.

The CycleLane units are quick and easy to install by simply securing the units to the road with anchors and bolts. No road closures or skilled laborers are necessary.

The CycleLane bike lane units can be removed for road resurfacing, snow plows, or to test the products at numerous locations.

Theft Protection 2 Year Warranty
Long Lasting Two year warranty

The Traffic Logix CycleLane is maintenance free and built to resist temperature fluctuations, inclement weather conditions, and ongoing vehicle traffic.

Two year warranty on parts and labor excluding damage related to vandalism, abuse, and/or theft.



Nominal Dimensions


Physical properties

Width: 4.75" (120 mm)
Length: 29.5" (750 mm)  
Height: 4" (100 mm)

  1. Recycled Rubber
  2. Durable and reflective white striping/marking tape
  • Density: 0.6 oz/cu in (ASTM C642)
  • Shore Hardness: 65A +/- 7 (ASTM D2240)
  • Minimum Tensile Strength: 500 psi (ASTM D412)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 8 x 10-5 in/in/oF (ASTM C531)


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