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SafePace 250

Trans Canada Traffic is pleased to be able to provide you the best range of Radar Speed Signs available.

The new SafePace 250 sign offers the cost benefit and smaller footprint if an entry level speed sign with MUTCD approved 12" digits. The compact, portable radar sign offers the same features as the best delling SafePace 100 sign with slightly larger digits. Boasting exceptional visibility and remarkable power efficiency, the SafePace 250 radar sign offers a budget friendly option to slow traffic and improve safety on your roads.

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  • Features
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Intuitive Interface Portable Easy Sign Management
Affordable MUTCD Approved Portable Energy Efficient
Priced low enough for any budget With 12" LED digits, the compact SafePace 250 meets all MUTCD requirements At just around 20 lbs, the lightweight sign is quick and simple to transport and can be mounted in minutes. The ultra low power sign utilizes the most power-efficient radar technology available. The sign can function up to four weeks autonomously with optional 3 cell or 4 cell battery power.
Visibility Software Interface Theft Protection Stealth
Brilliant Visibility User Friendly Software Theft protection Stealth Mode

Unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system provide optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions. The front-mounted lens system enhances LED brightness, prevents glare, and provides automatic ambient light adjustment.

Easy-to-use management software lets you set sign parameters, download traffic data, and generate statistical reports. The ¼" aluminum protective cover and individual optical lenses shield the LEDs, protecting against theft or vandalism Collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists
Strobe 2 Year Warranty
Speed Violator Strobe

Quick and Easy Management

Two Year Warranty

Yellow or White Sign Face

Integrated flashing violator strobe alerts speed drivers, returning their attention to the road Bluetooth included standard with every sign and recommended for sign management. GSM/GPRS available as an additional option. Two year warranty on parts and labor excluding damage related to vandalism, abuse, and/or theft. Available in choice of sign plate colors at no additional cost
The Traffic Logix® SafePace® 250 driver feedback sign is a compact speed display sign. 
With slightly larger digits than the entry level SafePace® 100, but still smaller than the full size 15” digits
on larger SafePace® signs, the SafePace 250 offers a versatile solution for those looking for a slightly larger sign.

250 Specifications

Digit Size



Enlarged Sign Digits: The bestselling, compact SafePace sign, now available with slightly larger digits for improved visibility.




Energy Efficient: The SafePace 250 can function for up to 3 weeks autonomously with optional battery power depending on traffic volume.


22 lbs


Optimal Visibility: Unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system, as well as automatic ambient lght adjustment provide brilliant visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

24/7, 365 Scheduling



User Friendly: Software interface is user friendly and can be programmed to set sign parameters quickly and easily. Optional data collection allows you to download traffic data and generate statistical reports from anywhere with SafePace Cloud.

Data Collection



Stealth Mode: Baseline traffic data can be collected for comparison and analysis while speed display appears blank to motorists.

Solar Compatibility



Speed Violator Strobe: Programmable flashing strobe alerts drivers to slow down when they exceed the threshold speed you choose.

Battery Operated



Universal Mounting: Optional mounting brackets let you use one sign at multiple locations with the turn of a key.

Universal Mounting



Cloud Compatibility



Trailer Compatibility



Dolly Compatibility



Hitch Compatibility




2 Years








12”(h) x 6.4”(w), 112 LEDs per digit


Letters 4.0" (h) spell "YOUR SPEED" fixed

message, 1 line

Unit alone

21.5”(h) x 26”(w) x 3.5”(d)

Unit with “YOUR SPEED”

sign mounted

Full size sign: 28.0”(h) x 28.0”(w) x 3.5”(d)

Sign Weight (unit alone, without “YOUR SPEED” sign)

AC Powered

18 lbs

4 cell battery powered


22 lbs

Solar powered model

20 lbs (not including solar panel or bracket)

General Specifications

Operating Temperatures

F (C):

-40° (-40°) to 185° (85°)

Speed Units

Miles per hour (mph) or Kilometers per hour(km/h)


Yellow or white high-Intensity prismatic reflective sheeting on sign face with black colored text

MUTCD approved colors and format


Aluminum, 0.25”


Bluetooth (standard)

GSM/GPRS (optional, for use with

SafePace Cloud)


SafePace Pro sign management software SafePace Cloud remote sign management 24/7 365 day unlimited programming and scheduling

Power Options (Electrical Specifications)

AC power input

100~240 V AC

DC power input

12 V DC

Solar panel options

50W, 90W



Doppler (FCC approved)

Radar RF out

5 mW maximum

Radar f-center

24.125 GHz +/- 25 MHz

Pickup distance

Up to 1,200 feet


11° × 11°, Linear polarization





224 Amber, 23°, 5 mm, luminous Intensity (5,000 – 12,000 mcd/LED)

Speed Violator Strobes

28 White, 15°, 5 mm , luminous intensity (18,000 – 28,000 mcd/LED)

Optical Lenses


Ambient light sensors

1 sensor and automatic brightness control



12 gauge aluminum, flat black powder coated front for reduced glare and maximum contrast; light gray powder coated body to minimize heat absorption

Weatherproof Rating

Weatherproof, NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level


Non-sealed and ventilated



2 years


1 year


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